Warm funky socks for kids, new born, baby, toddler that are knee high and won't fall down.

Finally a pair of baby socks that will stay on all night, keeping little toes toasty warm!

New Zealand Made from beautiful merino wool.

Merino is very popular for:

  • its unique regulating qualities
  • incredibly soft
  • kind to delicate skin
  • durability & purity.

When worn against the skin merino has an excellent ability in regulating temperature providing warmth, without overheating your loved ones. Merino also has the natural ability to breathe and draw moisture (sweat) away from the skin. This provide further benefits in summer by reducing the humidity between skin and garment, giving your child a very comfortable wear.


  • Made of beautiful merino wool to keep feet and legs snuggly warm.
  • With the sizes knitted into each pair you will never get confused with whose are whose!
  • Knee-high to keep little feet AND legs warm
  • 80% Merino Wool

Lamington Product Size Guide

LamingtonNZ Shoe SizingMeasurements (Flat unstretched from Toe to Heel)
NB - 3 months 0-1 9cm
Age 3-9 months 1-2 10cm
Age 1-2 2-4 12cm
Age 2-4 5-8 14cm
Age 4-6 9-12 15.5cm
Woman 6-10  



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Lamington Socks

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