Rental Carriers

Baby Carrier Hire

Please select the carrier you wish to hire from those shown below.

A brief rundown of our terms are:

  • We require a $50 bond prior to the hire period commencing. The price shown includes return shipping.
  • The weekly hire charge is five dollars. This will be deducted from your bond at the end of your hire period. The balance remaining will be refunded to your nominated bank account.
  • The hire period is for a maximum of six weeks.
  • If you purchase the same type of carrier that you hired within 14 days of your hire period ending, your bond and weekly payments will be refunded in full (=$50).
  • You will be charged $5 shipping for you to receive the carrier.
  • With your carrier you will receive a labelled return post bag. The cost for this has been incorporated into the hire price shown.

By completing the checkout process for a rental carrier you agree to take care of the rental carrier, be liable for any damage incurred while you are renting the baby carrier and pay the shipping to return the carrier to us at the end of your hire period.