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Rarpz - Bamboo Trifold

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Rarpz Design is growing....changing...and just getting more awesome!

Introducing our NEW Bamboo trifolds!
More absorbent, sleeker, flash new care labels, multi-tonal thread, and best of all - BIGGER!
Our new trifolds are sure to please! Double layered bamboo serged together with multi-tonal green thread (to match the Rarpz label of course)
When you receive your new trifolds, put them through a hot pre-wash. This tightens the fibres ready for use (this also shrinks the trifold to the correct size - they are made purposefully big), you will have a thicker, more absorbent trifold for your nappy stash!

Grab yours today!

What is a trifold?

  • Soakers, trifolds and boosters are all used as absorbency in your nappy. They go inside the pocket of the nappy, in-between the "stay dry" microfleece lining and the waterproof PUL layer.
  • You will need one trifold for a day nappy.
  • You will need two trifolds for a night nappy.

Price is for one trifold