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Reusable Breast Pads




Contoured reusable breast pads

Nappyneedz washable nursing pads are slightly contoured. This helps them to sit more comfortably and securely against your skin.  This gentle shaping reduces the chances of the pads slipping in your bra. The shape helps them to stay in place. This contoured effect also helps the pads to absorb any liquid quickly and makes them slightly less noticeable through your clothing.

Soft and comfortable

Our reusable breast pads are soft and comfortable against your skin. The microfleece is less likely than some disposable pads to stick to your sensitive skin. They are reliable and will help to prevent leaks and embarrassing wet patches on your clothing which can occur when you are lactating. Available as a pair.

Save money

Many women find when breastfeeding that they need to use breast pads for a long time, to help prevent leaks and wet patches on their clothing. Reusable pads such as these are ideal as they can be washed and reused many times. You don’t need to keep buying new ones. 


Our reusable breast pads are fully machine washable, meaning that you can use them time and time again. Made from soft microfleece to sit against the skin and wick moisture into the absorbent core.  The inner of the nursing pad is made from microfibre which is absorbent and quick-drying. The outer layer is made from a PUL coated organic cotton which prevents liquid leaking out of the pad and out onto your clothing.

Reusable breast pads, sold as a pair.