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Hemp Booster



Is your little one producing more liquid than Niagara falls? Are you looking for something that will soak up everything all night long? Then think about trying our hemp boosters.

Absorbent Hemp Boosters

Hemp is a great fabric for cloth nappies, which is why we have chosen it for our hemp boosters. These boosters are long, narrow pads that you can use to boost your current nappies. Hemp is a highly absorbent, natural fabric. It does take a little longer to dry than some other fabrics on the market, which is why we don’t use it in all our inserts, but as an extra booster, it works really well. Made from soft hemp fleece (be warned, hemp can go a little stiff with use, but if you give it a rub and bang it around a bit it will soften up again).

Night boosters

Our hemp boosters are ideal for night time as they absorb so much liquid and help to make that nappy last all night long (if only there was a magic sleep booster that would make babies sleep all night long too!) We recommend adding one or two of these boosters to your pocket nappy and tri-fold for night time use. It will also work well in other nappies as an extra booster or even as an insert in its own right.

Preparing hemp

Hemp takes a little more preparation than other fabrics, our hemp boosters will take up to around ten washes to get up to full absorbency. Wash warm, or soak overnight in cold water before first use to remove oils from the manufacturing process. You can then use your new hemp boosters, but you will find that they continue to get better and better at absorbing liquid as you use them over the first ten washes or so.

The boosters measure approximately 35 x 14 cm when new, they will shrink slightly after the first wash.