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Minimi Cloth Nappy



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Minimi pocket nappies are made to fit from approximately 4kg to over 21kg. The first pocket nappy to fit a larger weight and height range, our nappy has been carefully designed by a kiwi cloth nappy mum to fit for longer and save you money. 

The outer layer of our pocket nappies is made from high quality PUL (polyurethane laminated fabric). This is the breathable waterproof layer that keeps all the moisture in.

The inner layer is a deliciously soft, suede cloth lining which goes against baby's skin. This is a polyester fabric designed to wick moisture away from baby's bum, keeping baby dry and comfortable. This helps reduce rashes by preventing skin remaining damp or being irritated by urine.

Super soft double gussets encased in the suede cloth help give an extra barrier for leaks and poonami’s, whilst remaining comfortable and reducing irritation around little or chunky legs.

Dual pocket openings mean you can put your inserts in any end you like and easily adjust them into the place where you want the most absorbency.

With insert attachment snaps at both ends of the nappy, it is super easy to move boosters and inserts into position and fix securely, preventing bunching and shifting of absorbency out of the firing line. All inserts, boosters, night inserts, and reusable liners can be snapped into place and snapped together. There's no 'wrong' way to do it. 

Two rows of sturdy snaps along the top of the nappy, at the tummy line, are for adjusting waist size and leg size to get the best fit for your kiddo. 

The three columns of snaps below this, on the groin area, are for adjusting the length of the nappy (known as the rise). This makes the nappy adjustable in height from newborn right through to around age 5/6. 

Carefully designed, tested, and used in New Zealand by a cloth mum and responsibly made in a small factory in China where the wonderful, experienced employees are treated fairly.

Made from 100% polyester and PUL for durability, moisture wicking, and waterproofing.


With natural fibre sources of bamboo and cotton, our inserts are super trim and super absorbent. Each insert is made up of 4 luscious layers of heavyweight 360gsm bamboo/cotton blend fleece. With 70% Viscose from Bamboo and 30% Cotton, there are no oil-based synthetics used in our absorbency.

Bamboo is super absorbent but needs some stability so is blended with another fibre. We choose to use cotton over polyester or microfibre, as we want our inserts to not only be long lasting but be biodegradable and compostable at their end of life.

Use the 2 inserts to make 3 custom absorption levels.

Stage 1 is the small insert alone. Perfect for newborn, small babies and light wetters.

Stage 2 is the large insert alone. Great for those that have started to soak through the small insert alone. This works well for light/medium wetters and usually has enough capacity for most babies until their journey into toddlerhood.

Stage 3 is the 2 inserts snapped together giving you 8 layers of serious absorbability! This suits heavier wetters and older kiddos as their bladder capacity and ability to hold larger volume of fluids increases.

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