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Bambooty Basics - Bamboo



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The Style

  • Modern cloth Nappy BASICS by Bambooty are snap in nappies. The Outer shell is water proof as usual, however instead of our usual All in One Style of nappy, these nappies are Snap in Nappies, meaning the absorbency can be simply snapped in, swapped over or changed separately.

The Outer Shell

  • Deliciously soft and fluffy Minky nappies! The Minky is laminated with high quality breathable Polyurethane laminate as usual, only instead of our usually smooth outer PUL, these new Basics are gorgeously soft and fluffy!

The Absorbency

  • These super trim nappies each come with a snap in booster for absorbency. These super long boosters made from 3 layers of super thirsty micro-fibre, are topped with suede-cloth for a stain resistant, stay dry protective layer and can be doubled or trippled towards the front for boys and/or tummy sleepers.


  • A OSFM nappy that fits from birth right through to potty training!
  • Snap in absorbency
  • Fluffy Minky Shell
  • Suede-cloth topped micro-fibre absorbency, easily and quickly snaps in and out of the nappy
  • Customisable for boys and tummy sleepers
  • For more absorbency separate Bambooty bamboo boosters can be added into the nappy

Note This BASICS nappy in this product selection ONLY come standard with Bamboo Inserts

So why an All in 2 nappy?

Snap in nappies have some benefits,

  • When drying these nappies the Minky shells will often dry faster than the absorbency flaps, meaning you can get away with less snap-in inserts than shells, which saves you money.
  • If for some reason one part or another of the nappy becomes damaged or doesn't last as long, the other part can be replaced which is better for your pocket and the environment!
  • It is possible to ocassionally change only the snap in insert of the nappy, instead of the whole nappy at a change.

(Please note, we do not recommend re-using the shell if it is soiled or wet as of course anything wet with wee will smell unpleasant if not washed in between uses).