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Bamboo Biodegradable Nappy Liners



Biodegradable bamboo nappy liners

Lovely soft bamboo biodegradable nappy liners. Biodegradable so that they can be disposed of after use.  Place these liners in your babies nappy in order to catch any solid waste. Then simply dispose of them after use.  Nice and soft, these nappy liners do not feel hard and “papery” as some disposable liners do against your babies skin. You usually do not need to use them with a newborn baby. Wait until your little one is older and has more solid motions. 

Biodegradable nappy liners 

These bamboo liners are biodegradable and so will break down when disposed of, and yet are still strong enough not to break down whilst in use.  As they are designed to break down, our nappy liners can not be washed and reused the way that some other disposable nappy liners can.  Wet liners can be composted. Liners that have solid waste on them need to have the solids flushed and then be thrown away. These liners SHOULD NOT BE FLUSHED.

Makes changing cloth nappies easy

No need to spend time removing solid waste from your cloth nappies with these nappy liners.  These bamboo disposable liners will catch any solid waste and allow for easy disposal in the toilet.  Particularly ideal for when out and about, no need to carry the soiled part of the nappy home with you.  Helps protect your cloth nappies from stains and marks, keeping them looking their best for longer, makes washing easier, and reduces the amount of poo. A good alternative to liners is our sprayer