The new Pop-in nappy itself is a one size birth to potty nappy available in bamboo.

Bamboo for natural and more absorbent fibres or minkee for super fast drying.

The sizing has been improved compared to the old bamboo version which could get a little tight on bigger babies. Each nappy comes with 1 outer shell, 1 soaker pad and and 1 booster pad and all the parts are held in place with poppers. The Pop-in nappy has long been a favourite of ours and many of the features remain unchanged however there are some clever and significant improvements. The outer shell has a plethora of new fabrics inside with hydrophobic material around the leg gusset to prevent leaks, anti-wicking material around the edges and a small absorbent panel in the middle to keep moisture in the centre. Stretchy Velcro fastenings, double leg gusset and simple poppers on the front to adjust the size.

Why choose Pop-in nappies with bamboo inside? Bamboo is a natural fabric which has lots of useful properties. Bamboo is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, naturally breathable and very very absorbent, up to 3-4 times more so than cotton. Bamboo cloth next to your baby's bottom keeps baby feeling nice and comfortable, cool in summer and warm in winter. Bamboo is the perfect for choice for babies who suffer from skin allergies, eczema or rashes. All these wonderful properties make bamboo an ideal fabric for a reusable nappy, however there is a price to be paid, bamboo does take longer to dry than synthetic fabrics.

This innovative all-in-one re-useable nappy system is used from birth to potty.

  • Available in bamboo.
  • Four sizes in one - a birth to potty nappy.
  • 3 x 2 poppers carefully positioned to provide adjustability over three sizes.
  • Retractable stretchy tabs to provide a snug and reliable fit around baby's waist at all stages of development.
  • Shaped Pop-In soaker to provide more absorbency where needed and less bulk where it isn't. It has the benefit of elastic legs and back for containment.
  • Double elasticated leg gusset to help improve containment.
  • Soft touch aplix washing tabs.
  • Age/Size Suitability: 3.6 - 16kgs
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