Onesie Bummsie - 3 Pack Short - White

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Onesie Bummsie are the little onesie extender that goes a long way, proudly made and designed in New Zealand by a hard working team of stay at home mums.

Size Options:

  •  Short – adds approx 9cm in extra length
  • Medium – adds approx 12 cm in extra length
  • 3 Pack contains either 3 x short or 3 x medium

Onesie Brands our Extenders Fit

Orange Domes Fit:

  • Nature Baby
  • Superfit (Farmers)
  • Superfit Merino (Farmers)
  • Babu
  • Bonds
  • Beanstork
  • TeenyWeeny Cotton (Farmers)
  • TeenyWeeny Merino (Farmers)
  • hippo+friends (Warehouse)
  • Ricochet (baby factory)
  • Mama and Papas
  • Cotton On

Green Domes Fit:

  • Basics
  • dot2dot (baby city)
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Tiny Little Wonders (Kmart)
  • Zeb (tnt)
  • Ricochet (baby factory)
  • Disney Baby
  • Nature Baby
  • Rock your baby
  • Baby Baby
  • Dymples (Australia Brand)
  • Target (Australia Brand)
  • H & M
  • Teeny Weeny (Farmers)
  • Sookibaby
  • Bonds
  • Charlie & Me
  • Carters
  • Next Baby
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Kumfy Comfy
  • G Baby
  • Sooki Baby
  • Pureborn Organic
  • Lily and George
  • Upside Down Organic
  • Carbon Soldier
  • Wee Babe
  • Simply Merino
  • Gagou Tagou
  • Espirit
  • Baby Berry
  • Baby Biz
  • Tangerine

Care Instructions

  • Medium wash with maximum temperature 30c.  We do not recommend tumble drying.
  • Do not dryclean. Do not iron.

Trouble Shooting

My onesie extender bunches, is this normal?

Yes!  The onesie bummsie extenders have been designed to bunch.  This is due to the spacing of the domes on the bodysuits.

How do I know what size extender I will need?

This all depends on much extra length you need and is different for everyone. If the onesie is starting to get difficult to do up, then a short extender will be the right size for you.

If you need more length to get over the nappy, then a medium extender is the one to use.

We sell our extenders in individual packs or in 3 packs with 3 of each size to make this really easy for you.

How will I know when I need to use a onesie extender?

The problem most mums face is the onesies become too short while still fitting through the body.  Moving to the next size isn’t always practical especially when the onesie is so big and baggy.  If you are struggling to snap the domes in the crotch then it’s time to grab a onesie extender!

Help! My extender won’t fit my bodysuits.

If you find the extender doesn’t fit the bodysuits you have, please contact with the brand of onesie you are using.  We are constantly checking brands to make use our extenders will fit.  Onesie Bummsie cannot guarantee our product will fit all brands available. Clothing manufacturers can change their dome snaps without warning, this means your onesie bummsie may not always fit.

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