Gobstopperz - Indie Bunny

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Gobstopperz were originally designed to stop those 'Midnight Dummy runs' by helping Baby to find their own soother and feel comforted back to sleep.  

This is an adorable little sensory blankie for your baby to cuddle,  complete with soft minky fabric and silky texture ribbons that little fingers like to stroke.  The added bonus is that you can attach baby's dummy (soother).     When it's not in use, you can fold the dummy inside it like a little parcel and snap it closed.    Later when your baby gets older, you can wean them off their dummy but still keep the familiar comforter for them to sleep with.

  • Roll, Wrap & Snap keeps soother clean while not in use.
  • Attach your favourite soother, teether or rattle.
  • Works great with Fern Feeders.
  • Soft Mink Blanket and Silky Tags provide sensory play.
  • Snap's connect to Buggy, Car seat straps so soother etc can't be thrown out and lost.
  • Fashionable Fabrics, something for every occasion.
  • Machine Washable.
  • Made in New Zealand
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