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Wee Pants

Wee Pants


Wee Pants are worth kicking the nappy habit for, no more wedgies or red marks from thin elastic.


  • stretchy leg bands & super soft material
  • breathable, bamboo hammock that sits close their private parts and absorbs wee accidents
  • funky, modern patterns designed by three New Zealand Mums

They are an environmentally friendly alternative to pull ups, which are super easy to wash and dry.

They're perfect for toilet training because they catch the 'wee tinkle' that your child does on the way to finishing their wee in the loo. While giving your child the feeling of wet close to their skin.

Wee Pants Absorbent Kids Underwear Size 2

Size 2 Wee Pants Measurements

  • Torso: 41-50 cm
  • Upper leg: 24cm-30cm

Size 3 pants normally fit a child who wears size 3 or 4 clothing

Measuring instructions