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Bamboo Cloth Pad (minky or PUL backed)



Similar to our standard pads, these bamboo sanitary pads have something a little extra. Topped with bamboo which wicks moisture to the centre of the pad. The pads are backed with soft minky fabric or PUL and will come at random.

Easy to care for

Fully machine washable, these pads are easy to care for. Wash cold, as this is less likely to set any stains from blood and will clean the pads better than in warm water. If you wish to soak between washes, then a small container with cold water will do the job. You can also add salt or a small amount of washing powder to help the cleaning process, although if using something other than water, then try not to soak them for longer than a day or so before washing.

Waterproof bamboo sanitary pad

These bamboo sanitary pads are backed with PUL coated minky fabric or a patterned PUL, which stops liquid from passing through into your underwear. The fabric is not too thick and bulky. The pile on the fabric stops the fabric from slipping or moving around while being worn. Along with the snap fastenings, it helps to hold the pads in place while in use. 

Colours will be sent at random