Cloth Nappy Trade In

Tweedle is pleased to offer a cloth nappy trade in service along with you being able to purchase gently used nappies from our store.

How it works:

  • You will need to first contact us with details of the nappies you are sending in.
  • We will then let you know address details of where to send them.
  • Upon receiving your nappies we will inspect and contact you with the credit that will be applied to your Tweedle account.


Make sure your nappies are clean, stain-free, lint-free velcro, and include inserts. All nappies should be fully functional. Check the snaps, PUL, and elastic. We will not accept nappies are not fully functional.

Trade in maximum values for store credit are based on the following:

  • Nappies are clean, stain-free, and odour-free. Nappies that arrive damp, stained, or with an odour will be refused.
  • Velcro is lint-free and in good condition.
  • Snaps are all functional.
  • No holes or tears, PUL in good condition with no cracks etc.
  • No seconds or cut tags.
  • Internal fabric is stain and mostly pill-free.
  • Nappies are not are not faded or discolored.

Checklist prior to sending for maximum credit:

  • Check for stains. If there are any stains, wash, then hang them in a sunny spot (inside or outside). 
  • Check elastic. Is it still springy and does it still mould nicely to the leg? Does the elastic on both legs match in length?
  • Check velcro, clean out the lint using a fine comb if necessary.
  • Inserts. Check for stains and odours. 
  • Snaps. Double check to be sure all snaps are functional.
  • Tags. Brand name tags and wash instruction tags should be present and uncut.
  • Once fully inspected, put the nappy together, inserts folded and tucked inside (not in the pocket if applicable, just laid in the nappy).

Credit values are quotes only, not a guaranteed price. Once we receive nappies and have inspected them we will determine your credit. If they meet the guidelines above according to our standards, they will receive the quoted store credit. Inserts and nappies are considered separate, you can just send nappy shells without inserts. 

Store credit will be issued within 3 business days once we have inpected your nappies. You will receive an email listing your credit which will be added to your Tweedle account in the form of reward points. Reward points don't expire and you can use it on any purchase from our store. 

In most cases we grant 25% of the retail price based on product type. In the event you have 'as new' nappies which have only been tried on/used once or twice and not right for your baby we may grant 40% of the retail price based on inspection.

*We do not accept nappy creams, lotions, sprays, wipe solutions. We are happy to consider other cloth related items. We will accept brands of products we don't currently stock.

*We reserve the right to refuse returned nappies for any reason. 

*no cash payment will be made for nappy trade ins, store credit will only be issued.